The  circumstances that put me  in this position where l battle depression and anxiety l had no say, no choice in the things that happened.  I had to take it regardless.  No heads up…no preparation…BOOM!!!

I know the biggest block to my recovery is the fear of this happening again because it wasn’t just one thing it was many at one time. 

Trust is another issue.  Not only in others but myself.  I shelter myself to protect myself.  It is a process and there are setbacks.  Until l am strong enough this will happen.  I make no apologies as it is part of recovery.  It will take as long as it does and l make no apologies for that either.  Frankly, l should not have to.

In this month of suicide awareness and mental health awareness, l stand tall as l am not ashamed nor will l be stigmatized!! 

My wish is if those who continue to suffer silently would speak up.  This l believe would go a long way with ending the stigma on both suicide awareness and mental health awareness. People who are frightened of these words will think twice when reacting to friends and families suffering because the sheer numbers would be staggering and educating oneself would be mandatory and relying on ignorance will not work any longer.

On this l have the strength of a bull!!!

Thanks, Tracey

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