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Man shoots at innocent people eating in a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. Drives from another state.  No one killed or hurt!

The Reason:

Due to fake news sites who have planted stories of Hillary Clinton and others in her circle being involved in a child sex ring.  These sites have written the most atrocious things concerning this sex ring.  This is false by the way there is no sex ring.

This man wanted to go to one of the places named as part of this child sex ring believing this sex ring.  He opened fire.  He then gave up after realizing that no such ring existed there.

This is just one of many l fear.  These fake news sites are believed to be true by many, many Trump supporters.  Trump supporters putting down mainstream media as false and their fake stories about Trump is lauded as the true media.  This is frightening because the fake stories are untrue and conspiracy theories.

This is just another scary item to add to the list of them due to Trump Supporters and Trump himself.

Many of these fake stories are being spread by one of Trumps cabinet member’s son….Michael G. Flynn. His dad has been known to spread conspiracy theories as well.

These words spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. are as relevant today, if not more so, in light of the violence America and the world has been through of late.

I believe this great man left behind a legacy of peace by giving us reminders that violence solves nothing.

The time for dialogue is now!  We cannot stop the dialogue until there is understanding and solutions.

We cannot let the media, hateful politicians and commentators blind us with their truth instead of our own.




Thanks, Tracey

I cannot stand anymore….my heart is so heavy.   These people who hide behind religion and masks must be stopped.  They are not humans but rabid animals and must be treated as such!   #prayforbrussels

A global agreement must be made to put an end to these terrorists preferably before the next attack on innocent people.

To all who have been affected by a terrorist act my tears have shed for you and my heart has broken each time.

Prayers to all in Belgium on this day especially to the victims.


Thanks, Tracey

Fear is the worst emotion to overcome.  We are hardwired to hold onto it the longest

Thanks, Tracey