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Wow, God has really taken us to town with all the deaths in the entertainment and sports world.  This one is a real heartbreaker!  

We were introduced to this beautiful lady for being in the original and best Star Wars film ever!!

The Star Wars Nation is silenced today for their Princess has passed away.  

RIP Carrie Fisher

These words spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. are as relevant today, if not more so, in light of the violence America and the world has been through of late.

I believe this great man left behind a legacy of peace by giving us reminders that violence solves nothing.

The time for dialogue is now!  We cannot stop the dialogue until there is understanding and solutions.

We cannot let the media, hateful politicians and commentators blind us with their truth instead of our own.



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Oh, how you will be missed!  Still in shock…


I cannot stand anymore….my heart is so heavy.   These people who hide behind religion and masks must be stopped.  They are not humans but rabid animals and must be treated as such!   #prayforbrussels

A global agreement must be made to put an end to these terrorists preferably before the next attack on innocent people.

To all who have been affected by a terrorist act my tears have shed for you and my heart has broken each time.

Prayers to all in Belgium on this day especially to the victims.


Thanks, Tracey

David Bowie with love

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David Bowie may no longer walk the earth but make no mistake he lives in the stars and in our hearts forever!


Thanks, Tracey

My thoughts, tears and prayers to the victims of Paris. This was an act of cowardice as all terrorist acts are.  To use God’s name to kill is beyond disgusting.

I believe all information is not in as yet. ISIS  as most should know by now are not just made up of those from terrorist states.  There are Americans, Canadians, French, German etc. They are the militant haters of the rest of the world.  The disenfranchised, lonely, directionless and mentally ill.

ISIS is known to recruit these people to fight their fight.  They are not all Muslims who hate and kill.

I read today that we should have a genocide equal to the irradiation of the Jews only for all Muslims.  Is this what people want in our history again?

Dear God Jewish people were not enemies to anyone but one tyrannical man by the name of Hitler. We just had Remembrance Day to honour our vets who freed the Jews and kept our freedom.

To repeat history on another group of people is repeating a horrendous past. This serves no one.

The cowards that did this, ISIS, which includes non-muslims need to be found and brought to justice by any means necessary.  They are the enemy and not all Muslims.

Please remember this.

Thanks, Tracey


Suicide is Permanent

Suicide is permanent

Thanks, Tracey